Enhance your business and brand with outside-the-box, proven strategy, fresh creativity and focus. Wilker Design and Marketing is a team of marketing professionals committed to making a difference – through design and strategy – for our clients, our community, and maybe even our world. Our services include marketing & visual communication for:

  • Design & Brand Management
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Website Design & Development, SEO, Social Marketing
  • Professional Writing
  • Package Design

Who we are

We are “idea people.” Our solutions will stand out in your competitive marketplace. Our proven experience takes the ideas— our clients bring to us, and those we create for them— strategically forward into full-blown success stories that have improved the course of business for our clients.

Creative, agile, passionate, and like-minded, we push ourselves to a thorough understanding of all of our clients’ needs. It makes our solutions better, measurably efficient, and uniquely suited specifically to your needs.

What we do

At Wilker Design, we provide a more dedicated level of creativity in design and marketing to help companies grow. One idea is never enough; our mindset is to continually explore beyond the expected. It’s this mindset, combined with years of experience, that allows us to generate such a positive impact on your company’s success through; Design & Brand Management, Marketing Strategy & Implementation, Website Design & Development, SEO, Social Marketing, Professional Writing and Package Design.

Our commitment to service

We’ve figured it out:  When you succeed, we succeed, and the world is a happier place to be. We are dedicated, passionate people who want to serve with pride, and help our clients reach and sustain their goals and dreams.

We love what we do, and we’ll be there for you all along the way. No canned solutions. No quick, unconsidered answers. No wondering who you’ll be dealing with from one day to the next. We consider ourselves part of your team from the start. We want the best for your organization, and we perform our work with that in mind each day.


We are interested in talking with you, whether it’s a new business idea, marketing plan or website design. We will provide the direction you need to succeed, with the creative strategy to support you along the way.[gravityform id=”1″ title=”false” description=”true”]