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Woman-owned and client-focused, our decades of marketing experience bring a valuable perspective and the clarity you need. After all, it's a tough world out there, so why not have more creative and strategic brains on your marketing team.

Wilker Design is both a creative and communication firm that not only creates your plan but also implements the day-to-day milestones and hands-on tactics so you can focus on growing your business!

Our process helps us understand your targets and wipes away the biases that are sometimes generated internally. With one foot in digital and the other in the world of traditional marketing, we’re deep thinkers — adding more brainpower, creativity, and focus to your team.


Your company's first impression should be evoking, optimized, useful, and drive new to you!


Inspire, influence, and drive successful conversions at any stage of your customer's journey.


Planning and implementation of a strategic plan based on your budget and needs.

WE'RE NOT Your Typical Marketing,
Branding, AND Creative Agency.

In fact, we’re not an agency at all. Wilker Design is a group of experienced collaborators and contractors who together to bring our expertise to your boardroom. Each customer has unique needs and goals and equally each of us offers a unique skillset in a particular field. We listen to your business goals and create a solid marketing plan that supports your business goals.

Yes, we’re intensely focused on your business goals. We create digital plans to support and accelerate them. We also believe your business will grow with the assistance of open minds, the right people, the right set of tools, and a lot of creativity. Ideas are simply possibilities waiting to be refined and executed. We thrive on exploring and refining those ideas to build your brand and grow your business. After all, who wouldn’t want More Brains for Their Brand?

Trust is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere of respect and authenticity, where participants are free to be alive, curious and get in a positive groove together. Marketing is about results, not ego, tweaks and self-corrections are just part of the journey. When we work together, there are infinite possibilities for your future!

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Woman owned. Client focused.

As the founder of Wilker Design, Mary Beth Wilker has built a career out of exploring the spaces where creativity and commerce intersect.

She studied Communication Design before launching a professional career where she developed a unique blend of knowledge in business, art, leadership, and sales. Mary Beth spent ten years in corporate positions, buying, selling, and designing for enterprise retail brands such as Totes Isotoner, Dearfoams, Procter and Gamble, Kroger, Kenner, and GNC.

In 1996, she founded Wilker Design, knowing she could provide her clients with an exceptional, comprehensive experience.

Her goal was to create a place where they could come with all their needs and find fresh concepts and uniquely tailored solutions. Wilker Design continues its mission and success with a strong collaborative team and an impressive roster of partnerships and success stories.

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Let’s talk about your business goals!


Are you interested in talking about a new business idea, marketing plan or web design? Whatever you’re looking for, we’d love to talk with you. We’re eager to help provide the direction and strategies you need for your ideas to succeed.